Pose estimation AI

Pose estimation AI is like a super-smart computer program that can look at a picture or a video and figure out how a person or an object is positioned. Imagine it like this:

Seeing People and Objects: The AI looks at an image or video and “sees” where people or objects are.

Finding Key Points: It identifies key points, like the joints on a human body (shoulders, elbows, knees) or important parts of an object.

Connecting the Dots: It connects these points to understand the overall pose or position. For a person, it would look like a stick figure showing how they’re standing, sitting, or moving.

It’s like giving the computer eyes and a brain to understand and track how things are positioned and moving in a scene. This technology is used in things like video games, fitness apps, and even for improving safety in workplaces.

Pose estimation AI in smart manufacturing

During the Sembang AIOT live session this round we were sharing and discussed more about the Pose Estimation AI application in Smart Factory. 

One of the applications of Pose estimation AI is efficiency tracking which it is closely related to OEE Tracking but some of the personnel tracking or event is categorized using computer vision. 

One of the functions of this Pose estimation AI can be to determine the TAKT Time which it involve the ” heartbeat” across the production where consumers is expecting the right products, right quality at the right time. 

Some Benefits of Calculating Takt Time

  • Estimate service delivery processes
  • Maintain a constant production flow
  • Standardize work processes
  • Increase efficiency and decrease training times
  • Set realistic time targets
  • Minimize overtime

Reduce errors and increase quality In short, Takt Time helps you notice overworked teams sacrificing quality in order to meet unreasonable standards. On the other hand, you may discover idle teams with nothing to do. If you’re looking to distribute workloads evenly, Takt Time can assist. 

By applying computer vision with a camera and with the help of IIOT sensors and devices at the process in the production floor those events being learned by the AI with pose estimated can be recorded and categorized as one of the events related to the process. The same method applies to all the subsequent processes where all the intervals of the processes will be timed and those data can be projected into a time chart where all the events within this process can then be tabulated for analysis. 

Axiomtek Server in Action with Pose Estimation AI

demonstration of pose estimation with axiomtek

Demonstration on Pose Estimation AI with Axiomtek Rack mount server with multiple GPU on one of the OPEN AI model. 

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The primary focus of the discussion was on smart supply chain management utilizing AI and IoT. This topic was presented by Mr. CC Lee, our technology trainer and public speaker, along with Mr. Tan Kien Leong, the AIoT trainer and solution architect from AIoTmission.