AI and IoT are key technologies in the Era of digitalization. In the context of AIoT, AIoTmission focus on proving innovative tools in data collection for IoT and optimized AI inferencing emphasized by Intel on PC based platform to achieve the AI inferencing result with Intel core CPU. 

In this training, practical experience in shop floor data acquisition is made into practise with Axiomtek IoT edge gateway and Stack light IO module that acted as a simulation of the production process and machine’s status.

Tesla IoT edge acted as a  tool to construct and build an intuitive data collection method at the simulated shop floor.
The industrial communication protocol was introduced and IoT protocol set was taught in the training.
Cloud computing and experience was brought in as a platform for participant to realize the how the IoT cloud connectivity and as well as the dashboard’s  presented data is realised.
On the AI portion, the concept and theory behind the AI engine was introduced and Hands on in building the AI model was put into
the training for participants to get to know how the AI model is built as that is the key about the whole AI process in machine Learning and also the AI Deep learning.
We hope that this training will spark up the idea of more applications of AI and IoT in their working environment as we know the technology will be only become powerful when it is applied.
We innovate . We Apply and we sure train !