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Step into the future with our unrivaled expertise! With over 25 years of experience in Industrial PC-based Automation and SCADA system integration, our professional services and training programs have been meticulously crafted to propel you into the world of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Unlock the potential of smart manufacturing with our cutting-edge IoT and AI starter kit, a vital component of the IR4 program successfully deployed at the prestigious Malaysia Production Center (MPC). As an accredited HRDF Training Provider, we are committed to empowering businesses through AI and IoT applications in their digital transformation journey.

Confidence in our capabilities is built on a solid foundation of tackling intricate client challenges and delivering tangible results. Many clients have forged lasting partnerships with us, entrusting us with their goals and ambitions across multiple engagements.

Our comprehensive range of services includes consultancy in Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0, SCADA and Telemetry system design, and guidance for adopting digital solutions in shop floors and manufacturing processes.

Venture into the realm of IoT and AI with our expert assistance, offering system development consultancy and IR4 readiness preparation.

The future belongs to smart cities, smart agriculture, and smart manufacturing, and our AIoT cloud integration expertise stands ready to shape this landscape. Embrace the seamless fusion of AIoT Edge Connect devices with cloud integration, and witness the transformative power of our training programs.

Be prepared for the future, join us on the journey of Digital Transformation, and experience innovation like never before!



AIoT Edge Connect Cloud Platform allow users in their own applications to publish data to the Cloud platform. The current Cloud platform is sitting on the Microsoft Azure where it serve all the connected AIoT devices. 

Supported Communication protocols:-

  • MQTT 

It is currently capable of handling the followings:-

  • Visualization of data on the Dashboard 
  • Historian or Data logging 
  • Alert management where alarms or any out of spec. data can be escalated as messaging via Email, Whatsapp, Telegram and SMS. 
  • Reporting ( optional ) 
AIoT cloud
AioT edge connect cloud

AIOT Edge Connect is cloud & Cloud enabled device platform that serve in the different industry that require Digitalization with BIG Data. The platform is currently available for our client to host their data and manage it on the cloud. Find out more with the link below:-

AIOT AIS CONNECT - A Development Vision AI Suite

AI suite


AIOT AIS CONNECT is an AI Development platform featuring a high-performance Intel® Core™-based AI edge platform IPC524 with high-computing GPU/ VPU support, a high-resolution camera, and built-in Axiomtek AI suite (AIS) based on Tensorflow Framework, Intel® Edge Software Hub for Industrial and Intel® OpenVINO™. This application-ready package enables manufacturers to ease the development of vision applications within automation. The hardware platform, IPC524, is a 7-slots  industrial PC system with LGA1151 socket 9th gen Intel® Core™ i7 ® processor. It comes with front-access I/O and adequate PCIe and PCI Slots. The Axiomtek AI Suite (AIS) is based on Intel® Edge Software Hub for Industrial to implement from deep-learning training to inference. It comes with web apps design and intuitive user interfaces, helping the users deploy AI without coding.

AI Suite features:

Deploy without programming: web apps design with simple and intuitive user
● Fine tuned Intel® Edge Software Hub for Industrial: support both model optimizer and
inference engine by Intel® OpenVINO™
● End-to end deep learning: all-in-one implementation from training to inference
● Built-in dashboard components: simple dashboard components for users to easily
and quickly deploy training and inference & Light weight SCADA Engine that allow presentation of data on a Display 

● Built-in communication protocol like MQTT and REsful API that allows AI data to be shared or published to the other system dashboard and cloud server. 

● Axiomtek AI Edge compatible – Allow users to deploy onto any of the suitable AI Edge platforms or IPC systems to run any of the destined environments in the industry. 

● Ready 3 days Training program ( HRDC claimable ) formulated for users to learn and work on any of the suitable AI applications at the work environments or processes.

AIOT OEE CONNECT - OEE Tracking Suite Hybrid & Local Cloud Ready


AIOT OEE CONNECT is an OEE Tracking Suite is designed to serve variety of machines and processes with the basic concept of capturing necessary data like Availability, Performance and Quality. There are total of 3 major component or module in the whole suite:-

1. Data collection – Stack light module , Direct signal bridge -machine module for those machine that do not have any tower light, Direct interface to PLC and Vision AI QC check point

2. Local IIoT Edge Gateway / Edge HMI  module – to gather and manipulate data and exchange data to the local SCADA or cloud. 

3.  Local SCADA / AIOT cloud platform – local data dashboard, logging and reporting as well as Cloud dashboard , data historian and Reporting  


  • Starting from 3- 6 color Tower light interface.
  • IO bridge module for exceptional case integration
  • Vision AI for QC and quality Data tracking
  • Supports a variety of market PLC protocol
  • Ready IIoT Gateway/HMI template to work on
  • Support local Database SQL / Postgres /Oracle
  • Cloud Dashaboard template Ready .
  • Alert messaging ready  Email, Whatsapp and Telegram 
  • Smartphone viewing  
  • Integration to any of the MES or ERP via Web API.
  • Ready 2/3 days HRDC  Training Ready 
You may find related OEE information from our blog.




non intrusive data extraction with AI
  1. AIoT NON-INTRUSIVE CONNECT is one of the solutions provided by AIoTmission where data can be extracted by way of an external vision camera to the subject of extraction or pictures and videos of the subject that feed into an AI engine for extraction.  The non-intrusive part is that there is no tempering of the existing system or no additional sensors added to the subject matter by way of any wiring connection. However, the data can still be extracted accurately and effectively.

The applications of these solutions are:

  • legacy equipment that doesn’t allow any connectivity option.
  • Legacy Mimic display panel that doesn’t allow any connectivity option.
  • analog gauges that do not have any form of digital connectivity.

and many more.  The advantage of this solution:-

  • Easy data extraction 
  • avoids the upgrading of legacy equipment that requires high cost.
  • easy data extraction point

non-intrusive data extraction via cameraprocess controller data extraction with AIOT NON intrusive Connect solution

The data extraction online can then be published to the local SCADA dashboard or even the AIoT Edge Cloud platform for further data analytic and present. 




AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT is a customized AI Data-Driven Solution for Optimizing, Forecasting, and Predictive Insights

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT is your tailor-made solution, harnessing the power of AI and data analytics to revolutionize the way you operate in various domains, from manufacturing to utility management. With AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT, you gain access to three key functions that can transform your operations: optimization, forecasting, and predictive analytics.

In the realm of manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT offers advanced optimization capabilities that streamline your production processes, reduce waste, and enhance resource utilization. By leveraging real-time data and AI algorithms, it identifies bottlenecks, minimizes downtime, and fine-tunes your operations for maximum output, ultimately increasing your competitiveness and profitability.

Utility management, such as water distribution and energy management, demands foresight. AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT excels in forecasting, offering a comprehensive view of future trends and demands. With its data-driven approach, it empowers you to make proactive decisions, ensuring resource availability, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Whether it’s predicting energy consumption patterns or optimizing water distribution networks, AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT is your trusted partner in future-proofing your utility management.

Predictive Analytics:
For sustainable growth, you need to anticipate challenges and opportunities. AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT offers predictive analytics that delve deep into historical and real-time data, unveiling insights that help you plan for the future. Whether it’s predicting maintenance needs for machinery in manufacturing or identifying potential grid failures in energy management, our solution gives you the edge in staying ahead of the curve.

AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT is versatile, adapting seamlessly to your specific needs and challenges. Its intuitive interface and actionable insights empower your teams to make data-informed decisions effortlessly. Say goodbye to uncertainty, inefficiency, and reactive problem-solving.

Experience the transformative power of AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT across manufacturing and utility management domains. Embrace a data-driven future, reduce costs, and enhance your competitiveness. With our solution, you’re not just keeping pace with the changing landscape; you’re setting the standards for excellence.

Choose AIOT ANALYTIC CONNECT and lead the way in the data-driven revolution.