CC Lee has an impressive career trajectory characterized by consistent innovation, leadership, and a commitment to the practical application of technology. After graduating magna cum laude and with Great Distinction from Campbell University with double majors in Microelectronics and Physics, he began his career in the R&D department of the Power Electronics and Digital Electronics sector. After five years, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a start-up company dedicated to electronics design. Here, he led the R&D team in designing electronic products and gadgets and was instrumental in establishing the System Integration division.
Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, CC Lee turned his focus to Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. He led a team of engineers in the creation of various data acquisition devices, such as production data collection terminals, Remote IOs, and numerous PC-based Interface boards. His work has been successfully implemented in manufacturing plants and waterworks, reflecting his strong expertise in both analog and digital electronics circuit design.
CC Lee brings over three decades of experience in system integration across diverse industries such as manufacturing, water and wastewater management, building management, and transportation, among others.
Currently, CC Lee serves as Managing Director of Axiomtek (M) Sdn Bhd. Here, he leads industry applications and business development in the fields of AIoT and AMR (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things and Autonomous Mobile Robots), with a primary focus on Digital Transformation and smart manufacturing. Furthermore, he is an active Executive Committee member of the Malaysia IoT Association, promoting AIoT technology to business communities and industries.
In the era of digital transformation and industrial revolution, CC Lee leads the charge in harnessing AIoT and robotics technology to facilitate digitalization, particularly within manufacturing sectors and other smart projects. As the founder and current leader of Axiomtek’s training and consultancy arm, AIoTmission Sdn Bhd, He is a technology public Speaker and the HRDC( Human Resource Development Council) accredited Trainer. his vast expertise and insightful approach ensure comprehensive, high-quality learning experiences for all trainees.
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