Intel Meteor Lake featuring AI Edge solution

Industrial Transformation with AIoTmission

The “Sembang AIoT” live session commenced by introducing the AIoT Edge Connect Cloud platform, catering to users seeking visualization and management of their data on the cloud. Emphasis was placed on the significance of addressing numerous Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) on shop floors, where crucial data from machines, instruments, and equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless process execution. The session highlighted the importance of visualizing data through dashboards, receiving alerts for process deviations, and establishing data historians for future optimization using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

The presentation featured two prominent gateway solutions: the Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway AEC100 and the 4G mobile router gateway AEC310. Both solutions were lauded for their effectiveness in managing diverse data types and models of PLCs, considering the varying PLC brands present in different machines. Notable examples included Siemens PLCs, Omron PLCs, Allen Bradley PLCs, Mitsubishi PLCs, and Panasonics PLCs, each employing different communication protocols. The Axiomtek AEC100, equipped with the IIoT software tool, was highlighted for its configurability to request essential data from the diverse range of PLCs mentioned.

PLC data to Cloud
AMR development package

One of the main focus item being demonstrated is the AMR in a prototype form. It is powered by the CAPA55R- 11th gen I5 intel processor on a 3.5″ form factor. Equipped with Intel Realsense 3D cameras, LiDAR as main sensors in this unit is sufficient for us to highlight some features from the Axiomtek Builder support Packages.

Vision AI Anomaly detection system

AIoTmission Anomaly AI detection demonstrates the Power of built-in Graphics that allow OpenVino ( Intel AI inferencing tool)  to perform an efficient Vision AI. 

AMR builder support package

The AMR building process presents several challenges, with accuracy standing out as a primary concern. Precision is intricately tied to the design of sensors and nodes within the ROS 2 platform. Axiomtek addresses this issue through the AMR Builder support package, which rigorously tests and evaluates suitable sensors. A comprehensive sensor list is published in the sensor kit module. The accompanying software package, integrated with the Digihub module, provides finely tuned nodes, facilitating rapid development. This significantly reduces development time, making it an ideal solution for those seeking to construct customized AMRs for diverse industrial applications.

The event brought forth two significant announcements in the realm of AI. Firstly, the introduction of the latest Intel processors marked a departure from the conventional 15th generation nomenclature, now rebranded as Core Ultra. Secondly, the unveiling of the Intel ARC GPU was a notable highlight, categorized into 3 series—3, 5, and 7—each offering distinct performance levels. Notably, the A770 stands out as one of the highest-end models in the lineup.


For an in-depth exploration of these developments, join us in a 40-minute live sharing session.