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JOM! Lets Sembang AIoT! #25 

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Autonomous Mobile Robots?  Yes ! We were sharing the components that we used in the building of Autonomous Mobile Robots(AMR). 

The Autonomous Mobile Robot plays a crucial role in the Industry 4.0 process. In this Sembang AIoT live session, we discuss and showcase the construction of an AMR with a simplified open-frame structure, focusing on highlighting the significance of the engine, which can be constructed using Axiomtek’s latest industrial low-power embedded PC. The AMR Building Support Package serves as a valuable guide for constructing industrial AMRs for various industrial applications.



This lab iteration of the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) has been developed by Scuttle Robot, a partner of Axiomtek Malaysia, utilizing ROS2 (Robotics OS 2). It serves as a Kickstarter package for those interested in initiating ROS2 AMR development on an Intel-based platform. The AMR features the Axiomtek CAPA55R board, incorporating 11th-generation Intel processors, a solid-state disk, and industrial-grade RAM. The notable advantages of the Axiomtek-designed Intel-based engine include:

  • Industrial-grade quality with long-term support from both Axiomtek and Intel.
  • Low-power 12W processors.
  • Wide voltage inputs supporting battery inputs.
  • Bundled with Axiomtek Digi Hub E-API for onboard IO controls and system status.
  • All essential features and IOs integrated into the CAPA55R.
  • Built-in graphics supporting OpenVINO AI with high efficiency.

This starter kit acts as a stepping stone to Axiomtek AMR BSP (Builder Support Package) implementation for industrial AMRs, ensuring high accuracy.

Fanless Capa55R

Fanless version of Capa55R 

Capa55R used in the AMR with Fan

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Axiomtek AMR Builder Support Package consists of 4 main components. 

  1. AMR controller  as shown at the left side picture
  2. Axiomtek AMR Digi-hub
  3. Approved Sensors List 
  4. Development support 

Some applications and the possibility of integration of AMR and AIoT were discussed in the live sharing. As Kien Leong just came back from one of the training boot Camp, he has shared with us on the LLM ( Large Language Model) integration with Vision AI in the Smart manufacturing.

Watch us live / recorded live at the link below:-