Discover How AIot “Learn and Implement” Can Transform Your Business

Join us for a first-hand preview experience of the AIoT jumpstart KIT for Smart Manufacturing! You may register with us and we will send you the schedule when the session is available.

AIOT “Learn and implement” is a jumpstart kit with an IoT (Internet of things) and AI ( Artificial intelligence) engine that allows you to Jumpstart the digital transformation process in your operation. With this knowledge, you are able to get into the digital transformation and get the business ready for industry 4.0, especially in your manufacturing process.

We focus on developing essential skills in using the latest technology for the digital transformation process.  Benefits include:-

  1. Greater productivity and better management of resources.
  2. More efficient decision-making based on real-time information.
  3. Optimized and integrated production processes.
  4. Increase the flexibility to achieve mass production and personalized in real-time.
  5. Reduction of manufacturing time both in the design of new products and in the merchandising of these.
  6. Reduction of the percentage of defects or shrinkage in the factories since it will be possible to test the prototypes in a virtual way and the assembly lines will be optimized.

who should attend:-

  • SME manufacturers / Owners / Directors / Managers/Planners/ process improvement team leaders 
  • Production planners / Production engineers / production managers
  • We welcome participating system integrators in each industry’s sectors nationwide to work together to create a better service in each sectors.